Our mission is to foster hope for a better life for those facing food insecurity and for those without a permanent home by providing a hand up through innovative and compassionate programs with equality, dignity and respect.

In March of 2020, CTH took on the challenge of serving both the sheltered and unsheltered communities by providing high impact COVID RELIEF SERVICES. A year later CTH has served 345,161 unique individuals, translating into 69,032 families, all while distributing over 5,554,300 lbs. of nutrition. CTH and the COMMUNITY (both on site and out in the community) logged over 60,000 volunteer hours. Of all unique individual touches 38,800 were seniors. All of this was done under intense protocols to keep our team and the community safe. We are thankful that not a single volunteer contracted COVID from being at CTH. CTH is committed to continuing our currently established high impact COVID RELIEF SERVICES. Below you will find updated information on CTH Nutrition/Diaper and Pet Food distributions. We are humbled to have impacted so many and will continue to strive to do so in 2021. If you wish to support our efforts to serve those most vulnerable, please click this donation link.

Nutrition Distribution will be by appointment only for Wednesday and Thursday of every week. Appointments will be available between 10AM-12PM and 1PM-2PM beginning June 2nd. Appointments can be scheduled from our Nutrition Appointments page.
La distribución de nutrición será con cita los miércoles y jueves de cada semana. Las citas estarán disponibles de 10AM-12pm y 1PM-2PM a partir del 2 de Junio. Las citas se pueden programar en la página de citas de nutrición.


Ever evolving CTH has retired its flagship outreach event (Day of Hope)
and is excited to announce the debut of Project ReFresh.
Please click here to learn more about Sponsoring Project ReFresh.

CTH has launched the new 619 Campaign.

CTH has recently partnered the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce and Sweetwater Authority
to provide further COVID RELIEF SERVICES.