About The Company

CTH is the only provider in the South Bay where the unsheltered community can drop in 3 days a week and have access to a shower, nutrition, (fresh and hot meals + to go snack bags), hygiene, medical supplies, access to their mail, ID vouchers, clothing, pet food and more. We also have South Bay Street Medicine (a medical mobile outreach team) who provides all of these services directly to the unsheltered community where they are. By donating you continue to allow us to grow, expand, and remain independent from bureaucracy which allows us to focus directly on our mission and continue to save lives.

Your support means so much to Team CTH. CTH steps in and steps up to provide services for the unsheltered community in the South Bay. These services, big and small, have real impact and help save the lives of the unsheltered community here in the South Bay.

Ways To Donate