In a perfect world, everyone would have food and a home. That is not the case, and to the degree that we are able we will search for ways to change that narrative. Through experience, skills and creative thinking and enthusiasm, we hold true to our values of equality, dignity and respect, while being mindful of the diversity of our clients and their situations. We will take action to change the lives of the indigent by offering them a hand up…not a hand out.

By many standards, we are relatively new, however, our model has been very effective. It can be made more so by a more stable revenue stream. We are hoping that more like minded individuals, and organizations would consider supporting our effort on a monthly basis. A big box truck with a lift with which to run our mobile projects more efficiently would be a big help. Mobile showers would make it possible to do our Day of Hope event more often. These are some of our more immediate goals.

Our future goals and dreams are limited only by our imagination. They would include Safe Parking Venues where those living in their cars can receive services and guidance in a safe environment. With space and funding this scenario could be expanded to showers, laundry services, child-care for job seekers and so much more. Maybe a larger space for the Donations Center that could include furniture for the newly homed and a larger footprint for our Hope Chest. There is a need for actual shelters in the South Bay, we could begin to formulate a plan with our Partners so that can become a reality. Perhaps a village of tiny homes is in the future. So much can be done with a willing, working community of visionaries. The sky is the limit!