Community Through Hope opened its doors in 2018 to provide innovative programs and trauma-informed services that serve the immediate needs of the unsheltered homeless and address food insecurity in the community. 

Founded by Rosy Vasquez, Corrie Daniels and Cindy Gliebe, the 501c3 nonprofit has a mission to provide equity and hope to the clients its serves through an action-oriented model that offers dignity and respect to our clients by connecting them to resources that help them become self-sufficient. 

Inspired by each individual, our leadership is reflective of our mission to provide the clients we serve with an unapologetic safe space for those who are underserved, undervalued and underrepresented. 


It is said, “it takes a village…”, in this case it took a city and a cadre of dedicated volunteers to bring the vision of Community Through Hope to fruition. Our once homeless non-profit at last had its home base with the help of the city of Chula Vista, its mayor, Mary Salas and Council Members. Our building was re-purposed and redecorated by enthusiastic individual volunteers, churches and organizations and generous donors. We had our grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on November 9, 2018.