Impact Services Survey

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Community Through Hope (CTH) believes
receiving feedback is vital to crafting impactful services and thanks you for taking the time to answer
these questions. Please note that this survey is anonymous and all questions involved are designed to
better understand the impact of our services and the demographics we serve.

What gender do you identify as?
What is your age?
What is your ethnicity?
Do you come to either Wednesday or Thursday’s CTH Regional South Bay Nutrition Distribution?
How frequently do you attend Tuesday or Thursday’s CTH Regional South Bay Nutrition DIstribution?
How long do you normally wait in the line before you receive nutrition?
Have you ever waited in the line and it was cut off before you could receive nutrition?
How long does the nutrition normally last you?
Do you ever have to toss out nutrition?
Has the CTH volunteers, delivery team and anyone that has provided you a CTH service been helpful and accommodating?
If no, could you please describe why so in the box above.
How did you find out about CTH Nutrition Distributions and or Senior Deliveries?
Have you ever felt uncomfortable by the CVPD presence at one of our Nutrition Distributions?
Do you come to CTH Nutrition Distribution for diapers or pet food or receive these items through seniors deliveries?
Do you use the Drive Thru, Walk Up model or receive a senior delivery to receive your nutrition?
Are you unsheltered?
Do you receive any kind of food stamps?
Are you currently unemployed due to the effects of COVID-19?
Do you have COVID-19?
Have you been tested for COVID-19?
Do you receive nutrition from any other distributions outside of CTH?
Did you receive services from CTH before COVID-19?
What area of the South Bay are you from?
Any other questions, comments or feedback please leave in the comment box above.