This year is our second season featuring the CTH podcast, which was launched in May 2021, to amplify community voices on issues facing the unsheltered and food insecure community as well as delve into our organization’s perspective based on experiences through the lens of the clients we serve. If you would like to share your feedback on a episode or are interested in being a guest, please email

About Your Host

The CTH podcast is hosted by CTH Executive Director Sebastian Martinez. Sebastian is a unsheltered advocate, a member of the LGBT community and a fierce voice for equity for black and brown communities. Sebastian is also a semi retired dancer. 


Trauma Informed Me

Sebastian Martinez

Season 2 kicks off with a in depth look at CTH, its work, and the state of the unsheltered crisis in 2022. Sebastian also focuses in on what it is like doing trauma informed work while going through trauma himself. 

Podcast #5 2/22/2022

Making Black History

Deion Williams

Sebastian sits down with CTH Director of Programs, Deion Williams, to discuss why it is so important that clients in need of service be able to see people that look like them and understand them culturally when seeking services. Deion also discusses making black history in real time and the challenges that he comes across.

Podcast #6 2/23/2022

State of the South Bay Streets

Natalie Najera

Sebastian speaks with South Bay Street Medicine (SBSM) lead and Unsheltered Services Coordinator Natalie “Nat” Najera to discuss what is really happening with the unsheltered community on the street level in the South Bay and why displacing encampments is the wrong way to provide unsheltered services.

Podcast #7 2/24/2022

Chula Vista Election

Sebastian Martinez
& Rosy Vasquez

In a very special episode of the CTH Podcast CTH leadership looks at the platforms of the six candidates running for mayor of Chula Vista and evaluates how their various platforms might alleviate or exacerbate the unsheltered crisis. 

Podcast #7 5/11/2022